Refund Policy

Refunds and Exchanges

Igniter Tickets Ltd. Provides ticket selling services directly to its clients. Unless otherwise indicated, ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangable. To inquire further about refund practices or to request a refund please Contact Us.

Replacement Tickets

For damaged or destroyed E-tickets, please reprint them by logging in to your account.

If your tickets are lost or stolen please Contact Us.

Rescheduled or Cancelled Events

In the case that an event is cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled, you will be contacted by the Alberni Valley Bulldogs with further instruction. For additional information, please contact the Alberni Valley Bulldogs.

Additional Information from the Alberni Valley Bulldogs

Please note that all sales are considered final. In the event that a Bulldogs game that has been sold is not played or presented in the arena for any reason, the fan may exchange the ticket for a future Bulldogs regular season game. Shall a playoff game not take place, the fan may exchange the ticket for a future Bulldogs playoff game.

The ticket holder acknowledges and agrees that the Bulldogs and/ or BCHL may reschedule, postpone or relocate games included in the Member’s ticket package for any reason, as determined in its/their sold discretion. In the event that a Team game or event for which Tickets have been sold to the Member or single game purchaser is not played or presented in the Arena for any reason, including, without limitation, Pre-emption, such event shall in no way be deemed, argued or construed to be a breach by 1207655 BC Ltd of any term, condition, agreement or any other duty or obligation in connection with the sale and use of these Tickets. In such event the Member shall have its membership account credited with an amount representing the amount of the stated face value of the Ticket, less the portion of any discount allocable to that Ticket as a result of the Ticket having been purchased as part of a Member Ticket package.

Unless other arrangements are agreed between 1207655 BC Ltd and the Member, the credited funds shall, where applicable, be held by 1207655 BC Ltd and applied, at the direction of the Member, to the Member’s renewal of a regular season Ticket package in the subsequently played Season. If the Member elects not to not renew its Ticket package for the subsequent season, the amount of the credit will be applied to the purchase of other ticketed products. No interest or rebate will accrue on the amount of the credit at any time, unless 1207655 BC Ltd determines otherwise in its sole discretion.